The goal of the Bridging Communities: Preserving the Legacy Program (BCP) is to create awareness, dialogue and ultimately activism from Japanese American and American Muslim youth and their allies through a series of interactive sessions including topics such as:

  • Identity
  • Culture & Religion
  • Civil rights & Advocacy

As a part of the Bridging Communities: Preserving the Legacy Program hosted in the SF Bay Area, students of the 2013 Class will:

  • Have a wonderful skill-building workshop on presenting personal narratives from the Voice of Witness, a nonprofit organization “that uses oral history to document human rights crises and social injustices in the United States and around the world.”
  • Take part in a 4 day, intensive leadership summit and major service learning project at the Tule Lake confinement camp.
  • And much more!

The BCP is open to Bay Area high school students of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

2013 Session Dates:




May 25

Tule Lake

June 10 – 13

Graduation & Presentation



The BCP, established three years ago in Los Angeles, is a proactive response from JACL, NCRR and CAIR to a number of incidents of hate and intolerance incurred by the  American Muslim community in the long aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Recognizing the similarities that Japanese Americans faced in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor which ultimately resulted in Japanese American incarceration, the BCP is designed to build solidarity and partnership between the two communities.

” I really enjoyed every aspect of this program, I understood all the workshops and I looked forward to every session. So many great memories were made and I can’t think of any way this program could improve. Every second of it has been amazing.”
– 2010 Participant

“The Bridging Communities program offers an opportunity for our high school students to look at their own personal perceptions of identity and stereotypes and connect those to significant civil right issues that have affected Americans. In addition, our program also looks at ways in which communities have approached infringements of the past, like the Redress and Reparations movement in the Japanese American community.”
– Affad Shaikh (CAIR Civil Rights Manager)

“Loved the workshops, the interactive sessions, but I liked the bonds we made most.”
2010 Participant

The JACL, CAIR SFBA, and The NPS are proud to bring the Bridging Communities: Preserving the Legacy program to the Bay Area!

Bridging Communities

Funded by:

The National Park Service – Japanese American Confinement Site Grant Program (JACS)

Hosted by:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (SF Bay Area)

The Japanese American Citizens League

With support from:


The Tule Lake Committee


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